Crane lifting operations

In times gone by crane lifts seemed pretty straight forward and could be relatively easily managed by a competent self-builder, but not any more. The complexities and risks associated with crane lifts have always existed, but the litigious times in which we live have necessitated a far more professional approach to managing crane lifts.

We have a specialist in house Appointed Person who’s undertaken numerous crane. Risk Assessments & Method Statements associated with typically tight one off self-build sites.

For a competitive fee, we will undertake crane RAMS on your behalf and take away some of the hassle you might otherwise encounter when trying to set up a crane lift on your self-build site (see notes below)

- Limited to within a 50 mile radius of our office here in Letchworth

- You will still need a ‘competent person’ on site to manage the lifting operations on the actual day of the lift (can also be supplied by us, at extra cost, if required)

- You may even wish to consider us undertaking all the works associated with the lift on a particular day…for example lifting and placing steels or roof trusses in to position (such works would be quoted on an individual basis)