The company first evolved as Mick Darcey who, at the time was working on the tools himself, identified the need for a specialist timber frame erection company and the future potential that it would hold. Working on some of the very first modern factory produced timber frame structures ever supplied in the UK and long before the origin of the UKTFA or its successor, the Structural Timber Association, Mick foresaw the need for dedicated timber frame erection professionals to uplift and maintain standards within the industry.

Mick’s professional approach to work and his agreeable nature led to a close personal friendship with Steve Hutchinson who, at the time, was chairman of the then family run Potton Homes. The relationship strengthened and ultimately led to the mutually beneficial set up whereby Timber Constructions became Potton’s sole self-build timber frame erection partner. Some 40 years on, the relationship has grown and strengthened with close bonds existing between Timber Constructions and Potton personnel at all levels through the business, still maintained now that Potton Homes have become part of the global Kingspan Group of companies.

The business was further strengthened in 2004 with the arrival of Rob Miller as Director who, after a two year gap spent building his own home, joined up with Mick following 15 years before that spent working for Potton Homes. Over the years Mick and Rob have steadily assembled a team of dedicated professional timber frame erectors…in 2016 we worked out that we had near on 400 years of timber frame experience between us…quite a feat for a company employing just 20 men of varying ages!

Each of our eight erection teams is headed by an experienced foreman who effectively ‘possesses the job’ whilst he is on site and who takes full responsibility for the quality of workmanship throughout. There are no blurred lines here…the erection team leader is in charge, the job remains his responsibility and the end result will reflect his quality standards Both Mick and Rob have built their own Potton and other homes so each has a significant insight into the logistical, practical and financial implications of self-building. You can rely upon them to speak in clear language and take an understanding approach to the issues surrounding your particular project Nowadays our business has expanded and we are happy to receive enquiries from all parties interested in receiving a quality frame erection package.