Timber Frame Erection

The company prides itself on the quality of its personnel and operates today with eight specialist full time timber frame erection teams, the leaders of which have all organically emerged from within the company to form their own team. They now sit right at the heart of the company’s day to day activities. Our hugely experienced men have the ability to take on a vast range of different timber frame structures specialising in the niche self-build market.

Over the years we have encountered numerous different timber frame building methods to the enviable point where we are now capable of undertaking most timber frame erections, no matter what the complexity. It has been estimated that over the years we have probably erected in excess of 5,000 new timber frame homes, from the tiniest one bed cottage to the sort of massive house type that one might see on Channel 4’s Grand Designs show.

We would not however, profess to be all things to all men…we know where our strengths lie and we stick to what we know. Our efforts are therefore primarily concentrated on the self-build market, the occasional small site of perhaps 3 or 4 dwellings and sometimes even the odd commercial building such as a new golf club house or village hall. To suggest that we could demystify the whole business of timber frame erection is probably a little optimistic, but we can certainly provide some clarity and talk at a level that is understandable and friendly.

In these ecologically aware times we maintain a strong belief in timber frame becoming the mainstream method of private dwelling construction into the future and embrace technologies within this field If you’re looking for a company who will understand the complexities of the project you’re undertaking, appreciate the fine balancing act of self-building while maintaining full time employment, take personal care in the work they’re doing and be pleased to liaise with you in a user friendly manner throughout your project, then please feel welcome to call.